BREAKING: Defiant Nation Tells Putin It’s Not Scared – Military Prepared To…

Finland’s US ambassador blasted Russia, saying Finland is not afraid of their threats over a potential NATO membership.

“Finland’s ambassador to the U.S. boasted about his country’s strong military and said he didn’t see an ‘immediate threat’ after a Russian official suggested military action if the Nordic nation were to join NATO,” reports Fox News.

“Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Finland and Sweden would ‘face some military and political consequences’ if they joined,” reported Fox News.

“We are not in a position that we will get scared because of one statement,” Ambassador Mikko Hautala told Fox News.

“We have one of the best armies in Europe,” Hautala added.

“We have strong defense,” he added. “We have really good international partners.”

Hautala said Finland has received threats from Russia over the NATO conversation for years.

“They have always said that they would take some measures if Finland would join,” he told Fox News.

“We don’t see any direct immediate threat,” Hautala added, but he did note that Finland must “take it seriously” with the conflict in Ukraine in mind.

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