BREAKING: Deep State Election Evidence SHOCKS Nation – Trump Is…

News just dropped about the Deep State’s alarming activity. Election evidence has shocked millions of people nationwide — and President Donald Trump has called for action. This is a stunning development.

Jeanine Pirro does not sugarcoat anything. During a powerful statement on Fox News this week, Pirro encouraged those who “aren’t convinced there’s a Deep State” to “come along with me” as she explores the 2020 election.

Pirro said a coordinated effort between “the mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party” resulted in the defeat of Trump. “They didn’t just steal the election from Donald Trump, they stole it from all of you,” she said.

It was predominately accomplished through the control of information, as the Deep State covered up “the bad and the ugly about the Biden’s as they made-up information, bad and ugly about the Trump’s.” It couldn’t be more obvious.

Let’s also not forget about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s complicity. She has now fully admitted that the reason why a second coronavirus relief package wasn’t passed before the election was due to politics.

In short, Pelosi did not want Trump to get any credit whatsoever. “She was willing to have us suffer as she waited for Biden, because somehow she knew he would win,” said Pirro. Millions of Americans will always remember this treachery.

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