BREAKING: Deep State Bombshell – Biden Is Choosing …

Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice is on presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s short list for a running mate, and it’s really hard to see why unless you consider that she is one of the leaders of the deep state that has dogged President Donald Trump for the last three-plus years. 

Rice was never elected, and she was influenceing foreign policy during some really egregious failures for previous administrations, including the Rwandan genocide and Benghazi terror attack.

She’s the one who tried to blame Benghazi on a “video,” even though that was clearly not related to the attack.

She is reportedly richer than Hillary Clinton and she got on the board of Netflix right before the Obamas got a huge contract to do content for them.

Maybe Biden needs a rich liar on his team–I guess people like that would be good to have around when you are falling behind in fundraising and your entire campaign is built on twisting the truth as much as possible.

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