BREAKING: Death Rate Announcement – New York COVID Isn’t…

The State of New York has seen its death rate from COVID-19 fall below 100 for the first time since March.

New York City was one of the hardest-hit cities and has experienced some of the worst the coronavirus pandemic has to offer.

The death rate from coronavirus has been over 100 people a day since March 24th. The peak of deaths in New York hit in early April at 799.

This is good news as New York governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to begin reopening the state. Cuomo said, “It’s a sign that we are making real progress and I feel good about that.”

Cuomo is so optimistic at this time that Long Island may be opened up as soon as this coming Wednesday.

With the hardest-hit city in the U.S. beginning to consider a return to normal life, there is just more evidence that the nation as a whole needs to return to normal.

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