BREAKING: Death Notice Rocks Biden Family – White House Shocked

President Biden and his family got some shocking news as new estimates have determined that roughly 190,000 Americans have died during the first four months of Biden’s presidency.

Statistics collected by Johns Hopkins University show that when Biden took office, 397,611 Americans died due to coronavirus complications. Now that number is sitting at 588,401.

Despite all the boasting and promises made, Biden has learned the hard way that there isn’t much that can really be done to stop the death toll from climbing. Mayhaps Biden owes former President Trump an apology.

Biden has been consistently wrong when it comes to the coronavirus. When Republican states like Texas removed social distancing measures, Biden slammed them for their “Neanderthal thinking.”

Now Texas is reporting zero coronavirus deaths for the first time showing that social distancing measures may have done nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus.

After being so consistently wrong, maybe it is time for Joe Biden and the people around them to do some introspection. Clearly, there is no value in listening to anything they have to say about the coronavirus.

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