BREAKING: Death Announcement Rocks Nation – Trump Suddenly…

An abrupt ‘death announcement’ has rocked the nation. President Donald Trump’s name has been invoked, and he is suddenly on high alert. White House security is working overtime now.

“There were actually people out there publicly hoping that the president and first lady would die,” wrote columnist Charles Hurt for Breitbart News. The radical left couldn’t contain their glee after Donald and Melania’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

“Others, such as The Washington Post, rushed to bury the man while he was still alive,” continued Hurt. “Imagine, The Post opined wistfully, ‘what it will be like never to think about Trump again.'”

Democrats and the mainstream media love to virtue-signal about how Trump and conservatives are the “toxic” ones, but this couldn’t be further from the truth — they are projecting in order to deflect from their own deep-seated hatred.

But Americans are going to buy it. Rioters, anarchists, and looters and their Democrat enablers are in for a wake-up call on November 3. Voters are not going to reward this kind of behavior — people want peace, stability, and law and order.

It is why Trump will be re-elected in a few short weeks. Then, he will have a mandate from the American people to continue putting our nation first. Violent threats from leftists will not deter him now or ever.

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