BREAKING: Death Announcement Rocks Fox News – Tucker Carlson Is…

Tucker Carlson lamented on Wednesday that new rules about mail-in balloting have made it easier to commit voter fraud by returning ballots sent to dead people without a request or other documentation.

Carlson noted a 2012 study that showed two million dead people were still on the voter rolls at the time and that three million had registered in more than one state.

When states like Nevada decided to send out ballots to everyone they had on their voting list, some were sent to dead voters or to addresses where someone else now lives, and records are now showing that some of these ballots were returned by other people.

Carlson acknowledged that the fraudulent ballots cast by people who are dead would not be enough to turn the election.

“Sending ballots to entire unverified voter lists, unsolicited gets you dead people voting. And what does that do? It puts us where we are now — cynical, distrustful, withdrawn,” Carlson concluded.

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