BREAKING: Deadly Massacre Points To Texas Democrats – They Must be Stopped…

One hundred and fifty people are dead in Harris County, Texas, and not a single one of the killers that did it is behind bars right now.

That’s all thanks to the county’s democrat judges, who have released “no fewer than 113 defendants charged with capital murder.” Fox reports that the criminals “have been inexplicably granted bond and released back onto our streets pending trial.”

Capital murder is described as “the most egregious offense in the criminal code.” Not to democrats, apparently, as Fox found that 28% of the suspects from Harris County’s 407 capital murder charges from the last five years were released on bond.

The problem with releasing these people is that there is no guarantee they aren’t going to strike again. Take, for example, the murder of 71-year-old Martha Medina. She “was robbed of her purse, then run over and killed in September outside a McDonald’s in northeast Houston” by somebody who was out after making bond on a previous capital murder charge.

Houston Police Sergeant Larry Gibson summarized the dangerous practice best: “It’s very concerning, it’s concerning for everybody involved. Guys who are out on capital murder bonds, they just don’t have the fear. They’re like, ‘I’m out on this. If I get caught, well, I’m already on bond for murder, what do I have to lose?'”

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