BREAKING: De Blasio Busted In NYC – Trump Is Laughing

Mayor Bill de Blasio was just busted in New York City. The far-left mayor has been caught red-handed and President Donald Trump is laughing. The truth is now public.

“This is utter nonsense,” said Michael LiPetri, a Republican member of the New York State Assembly, referring to de Blasio’s coronavirus ‘checkpoints’ set up around the city.

“I mean 20,000 deaths from COVID are from New York City alone over these past few months, but de Blasio’s just trying to make it look like he’s flexing some kind of political muscle,” said LiPetri.

He continued by calling the New York City mayor “spineless” for setting up these checkpoints — which do nothing to actually stop the virus — and refusing to address the city’s actual problems.

And there are several problems to be confronted, most of which are connected to the rising violence and high cost of living due to a massive tax burden. In fact, people are getting out as fast as they can.

“The city’s burning, police are defunded, tourism has vanished, Broadway is shuttered, and residents are fleeing in droves,” said LiPetri. De Blasio must be replaced if New York City is ever going to recover.

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