BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Launches New Attack – Biden Shocked

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) just launched a new attack and President Joe Biden is shocked. He never expected this to happen.

“Texas energy producers are bearing the brunt of President Biden’s foolish, job-killing executive orders in the first days of this administration,” said Crenshaw announcing legislation to push back against Biden’s agenda.

According to Fox News, Crenshaw’s bill intends “to protect oil and gas industry jobs near the Gulf of Mexico” — something Biden apparently isn’t concerned about, even though people are “already struggling during this pandemic.”

Crenshaw’s bill is called the Conservation Funding Protection Act and it is identical to legislation filed by Sen. John Kennedy (D-LA). They are hoping to get action from either chamber to protect these energy jobs.

Unfortunately, Democrats have slim majorities in the House and Senate — and they won’t be keen on rebuffing Biden’s executive order. The radical left is in control now, and they are placing “green” ideology above U.S. jobs.

Biden’s order suspends “oil and gas leasing on federal lands and offshore waters for one year,” continued Fox News’ report. If this isn’t stopped, it will destroy thousands of jobs and kill American energy independence.

Read the full story here.

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