BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Goes NUCLEAR On Top Democrats – AMAZING

Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas blasted the Democrats as America is heading into midterm elections.

“Crenshaw had a message for Democrats on Wednesday in response to the deaths of 50 illegal migrants in a container truck accident just north of the U.S.-Mexico border and heading into the midterm elections: ‘be a little more popular and secure the border,'” reports Breitbart.

“In an interview on Fox News Channel’s ‘America Reports,’ Crenshaw urged Democrats to put the Remain in Mexico policy back in place because it ‘worked’ to secure the border under former President Donald Trump,” reported Breitbart News.

Crenshaw’s comments below:

“I think they do believe in some electoral advantage in the long run,” Crenshaw said in discussing why Democrats didn’t want to secure the border.

“Now, that’s a fantasy, to be perfectly honest. The Hispanic vote is clearly trending in the Republican direction, but nevertheless, I think they believe that,” Crenshaw added.

“The federal government needs to step up,” he said.

“I mean, for God’s sake, just for the Democrats’ own livelihoods in November elections, just be a little more popular and secure the border. And you do that by simply enforcing the MPP program — the Remain in Mexico policy. That was wildly effective — if you do it to the maximum extent and if you use leverage over the Mexican government to get them to cooperate with this,” Crenshaw continued.

“That’s what Trump did, and it worked. And you’ve got to start now because even though it works, it still takes a few months to get going. That’s the primary thing,” he concluded.

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