BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Drops Hammer – Power Hungry Judges Get…

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) had harsh words for judges like the one who jailed a salon owner for reopening early in order to feed her kids and help her employees feed theirs.

“They think we’re stupid and they’re drunk on power,” Crenshaw said, adding that such rulings were “why you’re seeing people rise up.”

“Americans are sick of it. They have a sense of injustice. They have a sense that these so-called leaders, these so-called judges, they have a sense that they’re not actually implementing the law because these aren’t laws, these are executive orders,” Crenshaw went on.

“Laws will not be respected if they are not respectable,” Crenshaw said, adding that power-grabbing judges “could use a civics lesson” and that shutdowns “go against our basic values.”

I think a lot of Americans could use a civics lesson, since most don’t even realize how wrong governors’ actions have been during the coronavirus outbreak.

Read the full story here.

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