BREAKING: Cuomo Resignation REVERSAL – New York Is Stunned

Republicans and Democrats alike are calling for the scandal-ridden Democrat governor of New York to resign.

But alas, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not do it.

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that he has no intention of leaving office, despite calls from dozens of state lawmakers who either want him to step down or face impeachment,” reports Fox News.

“I’m not going to resign,” said Cuomo.

Even Democrats within his own state, such as Rep Kathleen Rice, have called for Cuomo’s resignation.

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9 Responses

  1. Arrogant and ignorant slob . He obviously believes he has either done no wrong and these three women are lying . Another power hungry ego-maniac that thinks his position will protect him against even photographic evidence .

  2. I don’t see what’s so stunning about this report. He has since day 1 he wouldn’t resign. I’d be more stunned, and pleased, if they were starting impeachment or recall proceedings

  3. We knew he wouldn’t willingly give up his throne. He MUST be impeached, removed NOW! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  4. Lord, we lay this man at Your feet. We know You have a purpose and a plan for this man. We trust You know exactly how to deal with the way he has hurt and not cared for your venerable older adults and others under his authority. We trust You and we Love you, Lord Jesus Amen

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