BREAKING: Cuomo Resignation Announcement – New York STUNNED

It has not been the best week for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as he is forced to lie in the bed he made when he decided it was a good idea to send COVID-positive seniors back into nursing homes, where they then infected many others.

His week was probably still better than Janice Dean’s, after she lost both of her parents to COVID in a nursing home in New York state, but for Cuomo, the worst may be yet to come.

Word broke last week that Cuomo had allegedly threatened New York City assemblyman Ron Kim (D), who is now suggesting the governor may want to think about resigning.

“My colleagues, this week, from both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans, have reached out to me. What’s next? How do we make — how do we get the impeachment process started?” Kim said.

He continued, “And people have also asked me, should he resign? And I think Cuomo himself should be asking himself that question at this moment.”

Read the full story here.

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