BREAKING: Cuomo Impeachment Bombshell – It Finally Happened…

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another problem on his plate as the impeachment investigation against him is no looking into allegations that Cuomo allowed his family members to skip the line for coronavirus tests.

New York Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Lavine issued a statement that outlined the areas of concern for the impeachment investigation.

The investigation team is looking into allegations that Cuomo made decisions that killed thousands of elderly nursing home patients. Alongside those allegations are accusations that Cuomo sexually harassed and assaulted several different women.

These new accusations have added to a mountain of reasons for Cuomo to step aside and resign his governor immediately.

Cuomo worked with Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to ensure that his family members would receive priority when it came to testing. That special priority also extended to significant figures outside the administration.

Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi responded to the accusations saying, “We should avoid insincere efforts to rewrite the past.” These most recent accusations look like a lot more than an “insincere effort to rewrite the past,” they look like more evidence that Cuomo is a corrupt governor that must be removed immediately.

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8 Responses

  1. Typical radical trying to escape just punishment but would persecute any republican for doing the same. They are two faced cowards who don’t belong in US government. All Dems are liars and want to control the country and eliminate our freedoms. We need an uprising to set them straight and will never give up our guns!

  2. The Dems are one vote short of being able to hand out ballots to “illegal aliens” as they cross the border!

  3. Oh! Here we go with rewriting history even if the history of his behavior is maybe a few years old . So now the so called Governor is being lied about or the state of NY is being mean to him. I have never lived in NY , but this is what I think , Cuomo believes he is so smart, handsome , and a prize any women would just love for him to act improper with her in word or deed . He does need to stop making excuses for himself about these behaviors and for the deaths of those in nursing homes . It is a shame for a grown man to act like child.

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