BREAKING: Cuomo BUSTED – Coronavirus Hoax Exposed

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was just completely busted. His coronavirus hoax has been exposed — he cannot escape public scrutiny now and he is terrified. CNN may even go down with him.

In a tweet this week, Cuomo either deliberately lied or uttered “an inadvertent admission of another lie,” according to the Washington Examiner. And he did it by being hypocritical in his criticism of Vice President Mike Pence.

Before we get to Pence, however, let’s keep this in mind: Cuomo reportedly “claimed on March 31 that he had been diagnosed with the virus,” yet he “broke quarantine on April 12 to drive his family to East Hampton.”

It is this fact that makes his attack on Pence even more absurd. In short, Pence recently visited the Mayo Clinic and did not wear a mask — which, apparently, is required as per the clinic’s protocol on COVID-19.

“Everyone knows he did the wrong thing,” tweeted Cuomo, referring to Pence. “But the criticism misses the fact that a significant part of his base thinks masks are stupid anyway.”

That’s when someone called him out on breaking quarantine. In response, Cuomo called the accusation “a lie” and said his family “was cursed at in our own backyard by a guy with an open case for allegedly biting a man’s hands.”

Read the full story here.

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