BREAKING: Cuomo Arrest Announcement Shocks Voters – It’s About Time

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik (R) called for Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to be arrested on Tuesday after he resigned from office.

“This resignation is long past overdue,” Stefanik said. “Governor Cuomo needs to be arrested and prosecuted for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. Governor Cuomo also needs to be arrested and prosecuted for his criminal acts covering up the tragic deaths of our most vulnerable seniors in nursing homes.”

Stefanik also said that Cuomo should be prosecuted for using state resources to get a multi-million dollar book deal.

“There are multiple federal and state laws that the Governor and his staff have broken, and they need to be held accountable,” she continued. “Every New Yorker must know that there is equal justice under the law – no matter if you are the most powerful figure in New York or an everyday New Yorker.”

Cuomo was undoubtedly hoping that his resignation would encourage authorities to drop any potential prosecution, but Stefanik and others seem determined to see him held accountable for his actions.

Read the full story here.

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