BREAKING: Critical Race Theory DESTROYED By GOP – Democrats Scrambling…

Critical Race Theory is dominating the hearts and schools of America. No matter where you turn, it can’t be escaped.

Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, thinks that he’s found the one way we can finally stamp out the poison that is Critical Race Theory: “Not giving ANY taxpayer money.”

That’s right, his idea is to completely eliminate government funding from any learning institution that includes Critical Race Theory in its curriculum.

“We’ve got to take it seriously for the fact that it is being taught,” he said. “I’ve brought it up that we’ve got to make sure we’re not giving any taxpayer money to anybody in any state, especially our state of Alabama, which I was looking after — no taxpayer money goes to any university, elementary school or K-12 that is going to teach this Critical Race Theory. I’ve talked to some people in politics in the state of Alabama on the state level that say, ‘Well, it’s not being taught.’ Yes, it is being taught. I’ve talked to teachers. I’ve talked to principals. I’ve talked to people all over the state. It is not being taught to the level that it is being taught in some of these other states, but it is being taught to our kids in the state of Alabama.”

“I’ve seen it, and remember I’ve told you one of the reasons I ran for this office and one of the first days I was on, I told you, Jeff, our education was in trouble, and this is part of it. We don’t need to be duped into the fact that it is not being taught. It might not be the same level, but any part of Critical Race Theory, to divide this country, to divide our kids and our schools, to tell kids you’re oppressed, or you’re an oppressor, is racism. We’ve got to snuff it out. If we don’t, this trouble is going to be in dire trouble.”

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  4. Someone needs to start a petition to stop the CRT now before it goes too far.

    P.s. Why are these scam artist allowed to post their stuff on the comments?

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