BREAKING: Criminal Shocker Connected To Hillary Clinton [Details Here]

Special counsel John Durham’s investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion hoax has uncovered a treasure trove of new documents that indicate criminal behavior by Clinton.

Former Representative Devin Nunes explained that since he led an investigation into Durham’s findings, a significant amount of new information has been revealed.

Nunes explained that “These are documents that they clearly hid from Congress,” and they carry criminal implications for Clinton and the people who ran her campaign and have been defending her all these years.

Nunes hypothesized that were he still in Congress, “We would have more criminal referrals to Durham based on lying and misleading Congress, [based on] what we know today from Durham.”

Nunes spearheaded an investigation all the way back in 2017 and 2018, long before much of the information we have now was available.

So far, it has become clear that Hillary Clinton’s campaign worked with the FBI to defame and discredit former President Donald Trump as a Russian asset.

Read the full story here.

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