BREAKING: Criminal Announcement – The FBI FOUND IT

A woman who accused Prince Andrew of groping her breast while sitting on a couch in Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan appointment in 2001 has said she will testify to the FBI about the prince’s long relationship with Epstein.

Johanna Sojberg said she is willing to testify against the royal under oath about the long relationship between Prince Andrew and Epstein. Buckingham Palace has denied the allegations.

The prince has already stepped down from his royal duties indefinitely because of the fallout from his relationship with Epstein. The two were photographed together several times, but Andrew claims he doesn’t know about and didn’t participate in any of the illegal activities Epstein was accused of.

The relationship caused several charities Buckingham Palace supports to cut ties with the royal family.

Another woman, Virginia Roberts, has claimed that the prince had sex with her on three separate occasions when she was underage, and a former Epstein pilot has claimed that Prince Andrew flew to Epstein’s private island where underage girls were allegedly kept and abused.

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