BREAKING: COVID Truth Comes Out – Media Is FURIOUS

The truth about COVID-19 just came out. Democrats and the mainstream media are furious — they can’t escape reality anymore. This is amazing.

During an interview on Fox News, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) noted that his state’s “COVID mortality is less than the national average per capita,” in spite of the media’s narrative about how he has handled the pandemic.

DeSantis said: “I think it’s pretty clear some of these networks, obviously, they have agendas. They’re doing narratives. They’re not trying to report facts anymore. It’s all about spinning whatever narrative they think can get ratings.”

The conservative governor said that he has “trusted people” to do the right thing and conduct themselves in a safe, responsible manner. He also made it clear where he stood on lockdowns and school closings.

DeSantis said that “every parent has the right to send their kid to in-person instruction, everybody has a right to work and a right to pursue their vocations, every business has a right to operate.”

This message enrages Democrats. DeSantis has proven that the right course of action on COVID was to implement commonsense safety measures while also allowing citizens to go about their daily lives.

Read the full story here.

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