A new study of hydroxychloroquine by the Henry Ford Health System found that patients who took the drug as a treatment for the coronavirus were more likely to survive than patients who didn’t take it.

2,541 patients representing a mix of races, genders, and ages were studied. Of those not taking hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus, 26% died, but only 13% of those taking the drug died.

These results contradict another study done by the VA that showed an increased risk of death for those who took the anti-malaria drug to treat coronavirus.

The FDA had approved hydroxychloroquine for emergency use early in the pandemic, but revoked their approval last month because of the conflicting results of previous studies.

The drug can cause cardiac side effects in some users, particularly when used with azithromycin. Use of the drug may have become politicized after President Donald Trump advocated for it and took it himself after several close staffers tested positive.

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