BREAKING: Cover-Up Shocks Nation – Evidence Proves Joe Biden…

President Joe Biden is in the middle of one the most significant political cover-ups in modern American history. And though he continues to deny it, the evidence is mounting around Biden and both the left and the right side of the ideological aisle are putting the new President’s leadership and transparency under white hot scrutiny.

“Former Assistant DHS Secretary for Public Affairs under Trump, Alexei Woltornist, called on Congress Tuesday to investigate the Biden administration’s border crisis ‘cover-up.'” reports Fox News. “Woltornist, who handled media requests in the prior administration, accused Biden officials of lying about the situation to keep reporters from detention facilities.”

“They’re covering up and want media nowhere near any of these facilities,” said Woltornist. “This is a matter that Congress should investigate and find out what information he has that he’s not sharing and also explain why he’s making this decision.”

Woltornist said the issue of responsibility for the cover-up goes to Biden himself–a fact not lost on even leftists media outlets like CNN.

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  1. Once you understand there’s no difference in “democrats, mainstream media, and big corporations” it all begins to make sense. They control the USA now. They have succeeded in their repeated attempts to take over the government by those entities, i.e., witness the DNC and Hillary buying the 1st attempted impeachment and then another attempted impeachment, and finally, a rigged election and you begin to understand why conservatives don’t have a chance. When you understand they control everything including the DOJ, FBI, the INTELL agencies, and all the other government agencies you begin to see the whole picture. We’ve probably lost control of everything and won’t be able to recover (votes didn’t matter in this election, you think “democrats” are going to let them interfere with the next one?). Welcome to the America “fundamentally changed” by Obama as he to promised do .

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