BREAKING: Court Says NO – Trump Is Smiling

The House voted Wednesday to repeal a 1945 law that gave Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) the ability to make mandates and lockdowns that are immune to congressional veto.

A group called Unlock Michigan collected enough signatures to force a vote, and the vote finally proceeded after the state Board of Canvassers refused and the State Supreme Court had to intervene twice to force the issue.

“As the governor issued unilateral orders around the Legislature, people felt like they had lost their voice in Lansing and had no representation,” state Rep. Matt Hall (R) said during debate before the vote. “They felt the system was not working for them.”

“Those concerned and impacted by these unilateral actions, including many small business owners and families, began circulating this petition because they felt they had no other way for their voice to be heard,” he added.

Now the group is going after a health law that it feels Whitmer also abused. “Don’t bet against our success there, either,” group spokesman Fred Wszolek posted on Twitter.

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