BREAKING: Court Ruling Stuns White House – Trump Is Smiling

A major court ruling just stunned the White House. President Trump is smiling, but Democrats are in a full-blown panic. They are running for cover now.

According to a disclosure by “the top judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,” the Department of Justice (DOJ) “has concluded that two of the four court orders” to spy on Carter Paige were invalid.

Paige, a former Trump campaign aide, was spied on by the FBI during the 2016 election, but “material misstatements” made to obtain at least two of the warrants were discovered.

As noted by NBC News, this disclosure “underscores the extent to which the FBI bungled its handling of a highly sensitive case, a failure that is continuing to have serious policy and political repercussions.”

It is interesting to note, for example, how Democrats have been silent lately on the FISA court scandal — perhaps because it would only force them to defend corruption within the Obama administration.

After all, since Democrats’ first witch-hunt didn’t work out for them, they shifted to another one — impeaching President Trump under false pretenses. But the Senate is about to end their game once and for all.

Read the full story here.

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