BREAKING: Court Ruling Shocks Millions – It’s Official

A major court ruling just shocked millions of Americans. It was made official and people are wondering what will happen next in this tragic, heartbreaking story. Please pray.

Trinity Lewis, the mother of an 11-month-old girl, Tinslee, will appeal the decision by a Texas judge to allow Cook Children’s Medical Center to remove her daughter from life support.

Texas Right to Life has been involved in the case as an advocate for Lewis and her daughter. At contention is the so-called “10-day rule” and the mother’s right to make the final decision for her child.

In short, the “10-day rule” reportedly states that if a disagreement occurs between doctors and the family over whether life support can be ended for a loved one, treatment can still be withdrawn.

“The law stipulates that if the hospital’s ethics committee agrees with doctors, treatment can be withdrawn after 10 days if a new provider can’t be found to take the patient,” according to reports.

Tinslee, who has to be kept alive through artificial means, was born prematurely and suffers from several ailments, including a rare heart defect, chronic lung disease, and high blood pressure.

Read the full story here.

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