BREAKING: Court Rules ‘YES’ – Donald Trump Is…

Federal courts handed President Donald Trump two unfavorable rulings in two days this week as several suits against him and his administration continue to move forward.

On Monday, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Deutsche Bank had to turn the financial records of Trump, his business and his children over to Congress. Trump has been fighting against turning any records over to Congress.

Deutsche Bank does not have Trump’s tax returns, the release of which he is also fighting. All three judges on the panel were Republican-nominated.

On Tuesday, an Obama-appointed federal judge ruled that Don McGahn had to comply with a congressional subpoena and testify in the impeachment hearings. The judge in that case also removed a temporary stay on McGahn’s testimony, saying that it is highly unlikely that the DOJ would win an appeal.

The DOJ has scheduled a hearing on the matter for January 3.

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