BREAKING: Coronavirus Vaccine REVERSAL – Top Docs Confirm

A coronavirus vaccine developed in the UK and now in human clinical trials there may be proven effective by July, the developers report.

Astra Zeneca has partnered with Oxford University to develop and distribute the vaccine. Company head Pascal Soriot said, “By June, July we’ll have a first idea already of the efficacy and safety of this vaccine and we’ll need to wait a few more months. But by June, July we should have a pretty good idea already.”

Soriot said that production is already ongoing on the vaccine in order to make enough for the clinical trials, and that it is risky to do so before knowing if it will be effective.

The fact that people will continue to be infected with the coronavirus until a workable vaccine is found has led Soriot to take the risk, however.

“This is a terrible crisis, as we all know, and we decided now is the time to work together and step up and try our best to help come up with a solution,” he noted.

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