BREAKING: Coronavirus Vaccine Bombshell – Trump Was Right

A bombshell just dropped about the coronavirus vaccine. President Donald Trump was completely right and Americans are stunned — even liberal Democrats can’t believe it. This is incredible.

During an interview this week, President Donald Trump was optimistic — but did not promise — that a vaccine for COVID-19 could be available by Election Day. “I think in some cases, yes, possible before, but right around that time,” he said.

Trump continued: “Look, I just want to save lives. I’m pushing it very hard … but I’m not doing it for votes. I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do.” It is because of his efforts, in fact, that the vaccine’s development has been fast-tracked.

He also noted the “great companies” working on the vaccine and how he is “optimistic” they can get it done soon. The entire world appears to be competing right now, and he is confident U.S. companies will win this one.

This is another reason why Trump will be re-elected in November — not because a vaccine could be available by November 3, but because he believes in America. He knows that we are an exceptional country.

By contrast, the Democrats have nothing to offer. Liberal politicians have coddled rioters and other far-left mobs seeking to destroy this nation from within. Trump is the only one who will defend the U.S. from cultural Marxism.

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