BREAKING: Coronavirus Vaccine Announcement – Wow

The news just dropped about a coronavirus vaccine. According to the announcement, one could be coming sooner than later — but there might be several unexpected catches.

“Vaccines, I am very optimistic we’re going to have one in early 2021,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Initiative, while also recognizing a potential “challenge.”

Jha said we are “going to need billions of doses,” so he is “very worried about supply chains.” He also floated the possibility that the vaccine may not fully prevent someone from getting the virus.

“My hope is that we’ll have a vaccine that will at least stop you from getting very sick from the virus,” he said. “So you may still get a mild disease but you won’t get very sick.”

Jha even said that the vaccine may be an annual one, much like the flu shot. This is all educated projected on his part, of course, as new information could change his current analysis.

However, Jha is an expert in his field and appears to be intricately involved in the process. It is important for Americans to prepare for several different scenarios when a vaccine is finally released.

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