BREAKING: Coronavirus REVERSAL -White House Shocked

The news has dropped — there was just a reversal on the coronavirus. The White House is stunned, but the doomsayers are in a state of panic. They don’t know what to do about this breaking information.

“We are seeing that in areas that are opening, we’re not seeing the spike in cases,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on CNN. “We still see spikes in some areas that are, in fact, closed, very localized situations.”

This is an about-face — some would call it a full reversal — from the sensationalism being spread by liberal Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media. They want us to believe the worst about states re-opening.

However, according to Secretary Azar, there hasn’t been a spike in cases in the states that have decided to begin re-opening after several weeks of more stringent safety measures. Now that’s really something, is it not?

Azar said that in places like Colorado and Georgia, the key is to use the “tools that allow us to be reopened, but do so in a safe way that lets the economy function but allows us to use the traditional tools of public health.”

He even went so far as that a vaccine is “one of a multifactorial response program,” but we aren’t waiting on one in order to re-open. “So what the president was making the point on is, everything does not depend on a vaccine,” said Azar. 

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