BREAKING: Coronavirus Reversal – Dr. Fauci In Shock

There was just a stunning coronavirus ‘reversal’ and Dr. Anthony Fauci is in shock. He never expected this news, but the facts don’t lie — we are witnessing a major shift across the nation.

“The seven-day rolling average number of coronavirus infections in most of the Sunbelt, including states health analysts deemed new hotspots in recent weeks, appear to have plateaued as of Monday evening,” reported Breitbart News.

In fact, a drop in cases has even been reported — even in states without lockdowns or mask mandates. “As of Monday, the seven-day average of new cases reported each day in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Alabama … were dropping,” continued the report.

This is all public data reported by The COVID Tracking Project. Showing a growth chart, the group’s report noted how it shows that “new cases seem to be flattening” nationally. But this is something you will hear from Democrats on television.

You especially won’t find out from Pelosi or any other anti-Trump politicians that many states are doing much better statistically than New York when it comes to new cases and deaths. The narrative is about to completely fall apart.

For example, according to the data, “Florida reported its highest daily number of deaths on July 23 (175), a figure more than 80 percent lower than New York’s highest.” Perhaps Fauci shouldn’t be embracing doomsday.

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