BREAKING: Coronavirus Reversal – Dems Caught In Sick…

Fox News noted Sunday that big-city mayors and blue state governors who imposed strict lockdowns and threatened violators have now lined up to support massive protests that far exceed the strict limits they imposed and many of which are still in force.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened Jewish residents over a funeral gathering that he said violated lockdown orders, but said Sunday, “We have always honored non-violent protests.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in-person church services would be a “public health disaster,” but now gives out masks to rioters without passing any judgment on their gatherings in the thousands.

These officials have shown their priorities in the current situation, elevating protesters and race rioters over grieving families and the basic right to practice your religion.

Constitutionally, though, they can’t elevate one group over another, and we need to hold them to account to prevent future infringements on our basic freedoms.

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