BREAKING: Conservative Radio Legend Is Quitting – Announcement Shocks America

A conservative radio legend has abruptly thrown in the towel — he is quitting after decades on the air and America is shocked. Millions of people are going to miss him.

“Conservative radio legend Michael Savage shocked his legions of loyal listeners Wednesday by announcing that he will soon leave radio after more than 25-years on the airwaves,” reported Breitbart News this week.

According to Savage, fans will only get to hear him one place starting next year. “Yes, sadly so, as of January 2021 you will no longer hear Michael Savage on any radio station,” he tweeted. “ONLY ON MY PODCAST!”

While it was a difficult decision, to be sure, he revealed that “too many Chris Wallace’s took over radio.” Invoking Wallace’s name as an example of what is going on in radio right now should make conservatives concerned.

Wallace doesn’t have a radio program, of course, but he is a trojan horse — a prominent reporter who claims to be “fair” and has a huge microphone (Fox News) but is nothing more than a liberal plant.

Savage appears to be saying that radio is shifting in this direction, meaning there’s less room for people like him who want to speak freely. But fans will still be able to hear him on The Savage Nation Podcast going forward.

Read the full story here.

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