BREAKING: Congress Shuts It Down – It’s Over

Congress just officially shut it down. It is over and millions of Americans are stunned — we have reached a dark, regretful day in our nation’s history.

“Democratic legislators dodged in the House when Republicans spotlighted their unpopular effort to scrub the male and female sexes from the language allowed by congressional committees,” reported Breitbart News.

According to Breitbart’s Neil Munro, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MD) appeared “flustered” when attempting to address the controversy, but all he could do is dance around it like one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s puppets.

“Show me where it says in writing that we’re canceling Mother’s Day or that you can refer to yourself as a husband or father or mother or grandmother,” said McGovern, who chairs the House Rules Committee.

But he is being deliberately obtuse. The new rules set the policy for all House committees. As Munro wrote, the rules effectively ban “words and terms that acknowledge the male or female sex of people, such as fathers or mothers.”

This is only the beginning of Democrat insanity. Now that they have full control of the federal government, Americans will be subjected to their craziness like never before. Pray for our beloved country.

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