BREAKING: Congress Goes Off Rails After He Shows His Gun – WOW

A house gun hearing got heated when Representative Sheila Jackson Lee commented about Representative Great Steube of Florida using firearms at the hearing.

Steube wasn’t having it, so he snapped back at Sheila Jackson Lee.

“The incident occurred during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Democratic ‘Protect Our Kids’ package, an expansive piece of gun control legislation that Democrats argue is common sense, while Republicans say it is overly broad and unconstitutional,” reports Fox.

“Steube, who attended the hearing digitally from his own home, gave several examples of firearms in his own personal collection that the Democratic bill would ban,” according to Fox.

“Here’s a gun I carry every single day to protect myself, my family, my wife and my home,” Steube said.

“This is a XL Sig Sauer P365. It comes with a 15-round magazine. Here’s a seven-round magazine, which would be less than what would be lawful under this bill if this bill were to become law,” he said, holding both magazines and inserting one into a firearm.

“It doesn’t fit, so this gun would be banned,” he said.

“I hope that gun is not loaded,” Lee exclaimed.

“I’m at my house. I can do whatever I want with my guns,” Steube fired back.

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