BREAKING: Congress Gets The 2 Words Putin Has Been Dreading – It’s Time…

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) confirmed on Friday that he plans to introduce a resolution in the U.S. Senate that will brand Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal.

Senator Graham told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that “I’m going to introduce a resolution next week — I’ll give it to you on your show — declaring that Putin is a war criminal. It’s clear to me the world would be better off if the Russian people took Putin out tonight. The war on Ukraine would end, and Russia would have freedom they don’t enjoy today.”

Senator Graham’s comments should alarm Americans as he is essentially calling on Putin to be assassinated or otherwise deposed. That kind of rhetoric is beyond reckless considering the nuclear capabilities that Putin has at his fingertips.

If Putin really is the madman that the media and the Democrat Party have painted him to be, Senator Graham needs to be immediately reprimanded by the Biden administration and the Republican Party.

Senator Graham left no room for misunderstanding as late he told Hannity that “But I want to say this crystal clear — without apology, without equivocation — the world would be better off if Putin were gone tonight. And the best way to end this war is not American boots on the ground, but for the Russian people to rise up, reclaim the honor of their country and take this guy out, Putin, by any means necessary.”

A sitting U.S. Senator should know not to be so reckless with his words in tense times like these. Republicans ought to seriously consider if Senator Graham even deserves to be in office with such an insane and dangerous approach to foreign policy.

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