BREAKING: Congress Gets Horrible News – America’s Fed Up…

This isn’t an approval poll, this was an honesty poll:

Do you believe that Congressional Democrats are lying about inflation?

Two-thirds of Americans believe that they absolutely are.

After all, these liberals are the same people who waved off inflation as a temporary issue and assured us that the issue would correct itself as soon as Biden was given a little more time in office.

Well, here we are.

Gas is more expensive than literally ever, store shelves are often bare despite charging absurd prices, and the most important issue on a lot of Americans’ minds is simply trying to survive on their current salaries.

Inflation is NOT a rich person problem, as they insisted.

The results come from a poll by Morning Consult/Politico, with Republicans faring much better than their Democrat counterparts in the questioning.

Thirty-six percent of Americans trust Democrats.

It’s not perfect, but 47% of that same demographic does trust the GOP.

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