BREAKING: Congress Drops The Hammer On Dems – Critical Race Theory Bombshell

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced on Friday that he will soon be introducing a bill that will ban military officers from teaching critical race theory.

Senator Cotton told attendees of the North County Republican Dinner in New Hampshire that, “I’m about to demand all these generals and admirals that want another promotion to commit that they are not going to be teaching anything like this [CRT] in their commands.”

Critical race theory has gone from a cancerous idea spreading in college circles to a full-blown ideology that the left is pushing in every space and area of American life.

Senator Cotton explained it, saying, “CRT is the anti-American idea that the most important thing about you is your skin color; that some people are inherently privileged and oppressive because of the color of their skin. That first and foremost you should not be an individual, but rather a representative of people with the same skin color.”

Critical race theory stands in opposition to every American value and has no place in our education system or our military. Rooting CRT out will be a hard task, but Senator Cotton wants to start with the military.

Cotton’s legislation faces grim odds in Congress, but it lays the groundwork for the campaign Republicans must wage against CRT.

Read the full story here.

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