BREAKING: Congress DOES It – Election Bombshell Stuns Nation

Congress is about to do it. An election bombshell has stunned the nation — millions of Americans are wondering what will happen next. This is incredible.

“When are we going to straighten out our elections, and when can we have a debate about the integrity of the elections?” asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Fox News this week.

“And if we really want to unite this nation, that’s what the House should be doing — and the Senate,” he continued. “This should never happen again in the future. We’ve watched it before.”

McCarthy is referring to the voting irregularities that happened, particularly due to the COVID-19 crisis. He noted how ballots were sent out “to anyone who is on the rolls” even though voter rolls “have not been cleaned up.”

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that states without updated voter rolls that sent out ballots en-masse created a hazardous situation ripe for fraud, but the mainstream media wants to ignore the truth.

Regardless of the party in control, McCarthy appears committed to spearheading an honest, rigorous debate about how elections can be improved in the future — and it needs to happen as soon as possible.

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