BREAKING: Congress DID IT – Trump Is Celebrating

Congress just did it. President Trump is celebrating — he has been proven right once again. The Democrats’ agenda doesn’t stand a chance. It is over for them.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), while immigration “increases in total economic output,” it has also “exerted downward pressure on the wages of relatively low-skilled workers.”

In particular, these are workers “who are already in the country” — possibly implying that the constant stream of immigration can hurt natural-born citizens and current immigrants alike.

“To the extent that newly arrived workers have abilities similar to those of workers already in the country, immigration would have a negative effect on wages,” continued the CBO report.

But many politicians — especially liberal Democrats — don’t want to have this nuanced and important conversation. They just want to open the gates as wide as possible.

Economics goes much deeper than talking points cooked up in Washington and corporate America. Immigration has plenty of benefits, but too much of it at one time can have a downside.

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