BREAKING: Congress BUSTS Google – Nation Shocked

Congress just busted Google and other big tech companies. The nation is shocked by what major CEOs said during a panel earlier this week, and action could be taken in the coming days. This is a stunning development.

“The most powerful tech CEOs in the country, representing Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel to discuss their market dominance and censorship yesterday,” reported Breitbart, alleging “misleading answers” from the CEOs.

Of particular note was an exchange between Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). During their back and forth, Gaetz said that Pichai “confessed that there is a manual component to the way in which you blacklist content,” which, in turn, amounts “election interference.”

Pichai pushed back strongly against the allegation, claiming, “We don’t approach this work with any political viewpoint.” He also attempted to assure members of the House Judiciary Committee that his company is simply following the law, yet reality seems to paint a less pristine picture.

Conservative online publications are the only ones suffering. “It seems to be no coincidence that sites like Gateway Pundit, the Western Journal, American Spectator, Daily Caller, and Breitbart that receive the ire or the negative treatment as a consequence of your manual tooling,” said Gaetz.

This showdown between companies like Google and members of Congress — especially Republican, Trump-supporting members who have been victims of censorship in recent years — was a long time coming. It will be interesting to see how this investigation progresses.

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