BREAKING: Coney Barrett Confirmation Announcement – Supreme Court Bombshell

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Breitbart that a 4-4 Supreme Court could leave the country without a remedy in cases related to the election that could arise with a contested election.

Cruz served on the legal team that defended George W. Bush’s election victory from at least seven lawsuits by Al Gore in 2000.

Two of those suits ended up at the Supreme Court, and the rulings had an important part in interpreting the law so that the election could be decided.

“This is a situation that could easily replicate itself next month in 2020,” Cruz said. “On election night, George W. Bush won. They counted the votes and he won, but in Florida, the margin was very close, so Al Gore sent in an army of lawyers to file a series of lawsuits seeking to challenge the election, and the objective when you’re doing that, is they were trying to throw out as many George W. Bush votes as they could and trying to find as many new Al Gore votes as they could.”

For this very important reason, the Supreme Court needs to be at full strength by Election Day.

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