BREAKING: Comey TREASON Announcement – Nation Stunned

A major announcement about former FBI Director James Comey just dropped. The word “treason” has been used, and the nation is completely stunned. Americans are demanding answers now.

During a radio interview, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani — who also served as a U.S. attorney —  said that the actions of Comey and others were “as close to treason as you can get.”

The discussion between Giuliani and host John Catsimatidis of New York AM 970 centered around the revelation that FBI officials allegedly tried to entrap Michael Flynn, which is illegal.

“I think they have Comey,” Giuliani continued. “And I think, despite the fact that he got let off a couple of times … I believe that Attorney General Barr was saving it for the really good case.”

The implication here, of course, is that “the really good case” could be Comey. But former CIA Director John Brennan may not be off the hook, either. Both officials helped push the ‘collusion’ hoax.

“I don’t say that it’s treason, but it’s as close to treason as you can get,” said Guiliani, speaking of the two men. “They wanted to take out the lawfully elected President of the United States … by illegal means.”

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