BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick Gets HUMILIATED – Nation Laughing…

Political activist and former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, was just publicly humiliated. Millions of people across the nation are laughing at him.

The social justice warriors on social media are angry because Kaepernick doesn’t have an NFL job and Tom Brady does — and Brady even has a personal friendship with Donald Trump. The nerve of that guy, right?

But the comparison doesn’t work. “Kaepernick isn’t on a team because he’s terrible at football, it has nothing to do with his politics,” tweeted ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel. That alone ticked a lot of liberals off.

Others pointed out the ridiculous comparison as well, including Amber Athey, the Washington editor for The Spectator. “Kaepernick is the one who brought his politics into the game,” she said.

Here is the truth that many SJWs don’t want to admit: On top of Kaepernick’s lackluster playing just before he left the league, he decided to turn the NFL into a political arena. This was too much of a liability for any manager.

By contrast, Brady just happens to have a friendship with Trump — he has never brought politics into the same. Unfortunately, the NFL eventually buckled to the SJWs anyway and now it’s difficult to even enjoy.

Read the full story here.

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