BREAKING: CNN Reverses On Election – Republicans Stunned

CNN just issued a major election reversal and Republicans are stunned. No one expected this move — especially as votes are still being counted and several recounts could be on the way.

Unsurprisingly, while CNN’s talking heads, including host Jake Tapper, demand that President Donald Trump concede the election, apparently this standard only works one way. Tapper reversed it and showed the media’s hypocrisy.

On CNN’s State of the Union earlier this week, Tapper interviewed Stacey Abrams (D) of Georgia who lost in a hotly-contested governor’s race against the Republican candidate, Brian Kemp. He never asked her why she wouldn’t concede.

That’s right. Abrams would not concede the race to now-Governor Brian Kemp, though, as Breitbart News noted, she admitted to him winning in a “legal” sense. It begs the question what other kind of winning there is, but that’s for another time.

The point is that Tapper completely skirted the issue of concession with Abrams, but has beaten the drum about Trump for days — even suggesting that the president should be “physically escorted from the building.

Instead, Tapper talked to her about voter turnout in Georgia, specifically how the Democratic Party’s infrastructure “may not have yielded a victory for me in 2018,” but her organization has aimed to change that in Georgia.

Read the full story here.

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