BREAKING: CNN Goes DOWN – I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Far-left news outlet, CNN, is sinking fast along with the Democrats. Ratings have dipped 78%, dropping below 500,000 viewers.

“When compared to last year, CNN lost 78 percent of its total day viewers and 81 percent of primetime viewers during the week of January 10,” reports Breitbart News.

Fox News lost only 8 percent of daytime viewers and 18 percent of primetime viewers.

“Left-wing MSNBC also lost a ton of viewers, but not as many as CNN. In total day, MSNBC saw a drop of 62 percent. The MSNBC drop during primetime was 56 percent,” reports Breitbart News.

How bad are things at CNNLOL?

Even leftists don’t want to be lied to. For anyone at all interested in what’s really happening in the world, CNN is totally unreliable,” reports Breitbart News.

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