BREAKING: CNN Caves – Admits Truth About Biden

CNN has caved and admitted that if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the election, there will be fewer fracking jobs as Biden has made it clear he is against fracking.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow said on Friday, “One thing that is clear is there would be fewer fracking jobs under a Biden administration than under another  Trump administration.”

This admission from CNN is surprising as the Biden campaign has done the most it possibly can to hide the fact that the energy industry is heavily threatened by a Biden administration.

A huge part of America’s economic recovery is due in large part to the advent of fracking and the impact it has had not only on the economy but on our foreign policy. President Trump has overseen a growing energy industry that has employed millions in meaningful jobs.

Not only did fracking boost our economy but it also set us free from OPEC and Middle Eastern oil. Without fracking, we would still be dependent on countries that are more enemies than friends for our energy needs.

A Biden administration would destroy this vital industry and all Americans would be harmed. Joe Biden knows this is true as he has been less than honest about his stance on fracking. American workers need to know that they cannot count on Biden to help them.

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