BREAKING: Clinton Insider Spills The Beans – I Knew It

A longtime Clinton insider just spilled the bins about the 2020 election. Trump supporters have suspected this for months, and now it could be happening.

“I think there is a good shot at Hillary running,” said former Clinton adviser Dick Morris on New York’s AM 970 radio. He went on to say how he’s convinced that “the latest poll numbers … give her a real opening.”

Morris is addressing, of course, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) dropping out of the race, former Vice President Joe Biden not performing as originally hoped, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slipping as well.

According to him, there is now room for another candidate — someone who is well-known and could unite the fractured base of the Democratic Party. Morris thinks that person could be Hillary by default.

“Biden and Warren were blocking the lanes Hillary needs to run in in order to get nominated,” Morris noted. Furthermore, with Harris out of the race and Warren fizzling, he believes “that road may be open.”

He anticipates Hillary’s talking points would be that she’s “the only chance we have to elect a woman president” and is “the only proven warrior.” But let’s get serious: Trump would hand her another embarrassing defeat.

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