BREAKING: Clinton Family Confirms The Worst – Nation Stunned

Former President Bill Clinton will spend a little more time in the hospital after a urinary tract infection turned into sepsis, his spokesman confirmed Saturday.

“President Clinton has continued to make excellent progress over the past 24 hours,” spokesman Angel Ureña said in a statement.

The former president was receiving IV antibiotics for the infection, which can be life-threatening without treatment. He is expected to recover from the infection and could be discharged within days.

President Joe Biden said he spoke to Clinton and “sends his best.” Biden said Clinton was “doing fine, he really is,” during remarks in Connecticut.

With Biden’s history of lying, his assurances may not have much to recommend them. In this case, however, he may be right about the 75 year-old former president.

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  3. Bill Clinton of USA’s leading criminal cartel family got a little sick! Why does The Daily Conservative even publish this. I doubt that the Nation is stunned by it. What the Nation should be stunned about is how the US is being destroyed by such criminals!

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